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Wait, you don't just live off takeaway?!

Updated: May 8, 2019

Hi sweetpeas!

I really enjoy cooking and baking - two things that I don't do enough - and it's great to have this house for all the recipes that I try and love. It's quite a big reason why I was quite excited to start this blog.

I hope that sharing these recipes can help you push your culinary boundaries, but also encourage me to entice my butt to stay in the kitchen - a concept that didn't think my feminist self would be encouraging!

Unless I've otherwise stated it, these recipes will all be my crazy concoctions, and I would love it if you felt brave enough to give some of them a go, and drop me a comment to let me know how you found it.

Disclaimer: I also want to point out that these recipes, and my photos, will be pretty amateur. I'm not here to make insta-worthy looking dishes, or show you how to grow your own noodles in an airing cupboard. I just want to share yummy, affordable, new recipes that you feel excited to try.

So, from meals designed to conceal veggies (yes, Jamie is a child), to those designed to satisfy that takeaway itch in a healthier and cheaper way, welcome to my online cook book.

Bon appetite!

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