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If you'd like to contact both or either one of us about working together, we'd love to hear from you! You can email us here

Press samples

We're happy to accept press samples and gifting, thank you for considering us. Please note that due to increased requests we cannot guarantee a feature on our platforms. If we truly love a product or service after testing it, we will always share this with our community. 

If you'd like to send something, please feel free to use our PO Box or email us to arrange logistics. If you would like an exclusive and guaranteed promotion, please also email us, we're excited to hear from you. 



Fancy a chat? 

You can tweet us at @jammi_dodger94 and @sherbetlemon007 ,

or write to us via our PO Box. 

We try to read and respond to as many people as we can but sometimes we get so many messages we simply don't have the time to get back to everyone. We do truly appreciate your support and thank you for taking the time to reach out ❤

please note : we get daily messages from people wanting help and advice with deeply personal matters. we strongly support you but are not qualified to provide help beyond this. please speak to your local doctor, or contact a national helpline if you are in sincere need of guidance, there's a good list of worldwide helplines here

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